Since the start of the enhanced community quarantine, things have changed drastically including the lifestyle causing work-related stress in the workplace. With this, through the Gender and Development (GAD) approach, EMB CAR aims to provide mechanisms to curb pressures and anxieties through provisions of constructive and motivational seminars.

On August 13-14, diverse topics have been discussed including RA No. 11058 or the Act Strengthening with Occupational Safety and Health Standards in relation to COVID-19 pandemic. It intends to identify risk levels in workplace settings and to determine any appropriate control measures to implement. It also creates a platform both for EMB-CAR employers and employees of an information associated with work, health risks involved or to which they are exposed to, preventive measures to eliminate or minimize the risks, and steps to be taken in cases of emergency.

Among the topics discussed for the 2-day seminar were Leadership Wellness by the President of HOPE Christian Academy, Mr. Jonathan Mandapat, an hour for encouragement given by the 4th Runner-Up Ms. Universe Ma. Venus B. Raj, the relationship associated with Health and the Environment given by assistant professor of Ateneo University Dr. Geminn Apostol, and lastly, COVID-19 and Gender discussed by Ms. Jemelle Milanes, gender specialist at Philippine Commission of Women.