In celebration of the 2021 World Health Environment Health Day, the Environmental Management Bureau – CAR through its Human Resources Management Unit hosted a Webinar on Mental Health Awareness for EMB – CAR employees. On September 27, 2021, EMB – CAR invited Dr. Dem Mina Mamaat, registered Psychologist and motivational speaker. With her webinar episode entitled “Holistic Approach to Mental Wellness.”, Dr. Demdelivered an engaging talk which highlights the importance of mental health in the workplace especially in the midst of a pandemic.

In light with the rising cases of COVID-19 in the country, the lecture serves as a breather from the various tasks in the office. Dr. Mamaat reminded everybody to take things one step at a time to achieve a healthy mind and body. Following a six-hour session with an interactive discussion in nurturing the body, mind and soul by having positive thoughts, following a healthy lifestyle and grounded spirituality. She also underscored that in these challenging times, we should be mindful of what we feed our mind, be mindful of how others would feel and exude positivity the best way we can.  

The session aims to achieve the following objectives: a) Increase their level of awareness of the importance of mental health; b) Identify the relationship of one’s mental health with their over-all health condition; and c) Understand the importance of mental health awareness relative to our current situation. She capped her talk with a powerful statement which says, “When we cultivate pure thoughts, the mind begins to heal.”

Meanwhile, RD Ma. Victoria V. Abrera expressed her gratitude to the speaker and underscored that if we let fear consume us, it paralyzes us. The power of the mind takes us to places and if we believe that we can achieve it, we can definitely attain it.

The webinar series for employees is one of the personnel development trainings being conducted by the HR Unit to uphold physical and mental health in the workplace.  

“Do not speak bad of yourself. For the warrior within hears your words and is lessened by them.” – Old Japanese Samurai Proverb #WORLDENVIRONMENTHEALTHDAY