On November 11, 2021, DENR EMB-CAR conducted a public consultation on the proposed feasibility study for the clustering of SLF in the province of Ifugao in response to the six (6) municipalities namely Asipulo, Banaue, Hingyon, Hungduan, Lamut, and Tinoc, which expressed their intention on the need for a clustered SLF.

In an opening statement of the Provincial Administrator Adelardo Yogyog, he said that the Province of Ifugao is fortunate to be assisted by EMB-CAR on the establishment of the establishment of their SLF. He acknowledged that one of the difficulties of the province is the lack of expertise on the management of solid waste. He asked, however, for the unity of people to manage their solid wastes.

EMB-CAR Regional Director similarly thanked Governor Jerry U. Dalipog and Vice Governor Glenn Prudenciano for their unwavering leadership for the betterment of our environment and the welfare of their constituents. She said that the Bureau’s pursuit is to ensure good governance in environmental protection and management of natural resources. On behalf of the Environmental Management Bureau – Cordillera Administrative Region, she extended her sincere appreciation to the Province of Ifugao for the sustained enthusiasm and devotion over the years to protect the environment and manage the natural resources entrusted to them.

Vice Governor Glenn Pudenciano, representing the Provincial Governor, is appreciative for the Regional Director’s act of kindness as he narrated that for many years that he served as a Municipal Mayor, that was the only time a Regional Director appeared for the purpose of establishing clustered and engineered SLF. Since the Province’s difficulty in establishment an SLF involves the lack of relevant resources, he encourages and asks his constituents to start small as long as they comply with the minimum requirements of the establishment of SLF. He also highlighted that an engineered SLF should not only be eyed as a source of income but to comply with the mandates of EMB.

The conduct of feasibility study is in relation to the NSWMC Resolution No. 04 series of 2013 in line with the guidelines set in the site assessment of proponent sites of SLF. In the Cordillera Region, there are limited potential sites for SLF due to the Region’s geographical conditions. Coupled with the financial requirements for its development, the municipalities which belong to the 4th and 5th class municipalities could hardly invest on this endeavor. Thus, the Office’s motion is to encourage clustering of waste disposal facility.

Engr. Alex C. Luis, the Project Manager, presented the Chapters 1, 2, and 3 of the Feasibility Study while Engr. Jessie Ronnie Pascual presented the technical designs.

During the open forum, Vice Governor Prudenciano asked if the LGU can start the establishment not totally putting a huge amount. He illustrated the status of Lamut SLF if they can start constructing cell 1 following the other cells as soon as they have accumulated enough funds for the construction.

Eng. Ricardo P. Dang-iw, Section Chief of the Solid Waste Management Section, answered in affirmative. Due to financial constraints, the most important is to have an operational cell to cater residual wastes. He also encouraged the LGUs to buy their own baler as it will greatly help in the compacting of wastes to prolong the lifespan of SLFs.

Also, one of the participants asked Engr. Jessie Pascual on the standard for the construction of an access road. Engr. Pascual said that only concreted, one way, and with 3.5m width.

To sum it up, the adoption of the feasibility study depends on the commitments by the Local Chief Executives.