In support for the Department of Natural Resources’ advocacy on proper solid waste management, DENR RSIGG along with EMB-CAR and its mascot Basura Buster attended the Youth Environmental Summit at Baguio City National High School last December 9, 2022.

For the launching of the activity, Basura Buster alongside with Eloi the eel had a dance intermission to warm up the student’s participations and as a way to raise more awareness of proper solid waste management. The two mascots danced the DENR’s song “Kung Walang Aksaya, Masaya!” Pinas: The Basura Buster (PBB), who is the face of the DENR’s Solid Waste Management Advocacy Campaign was introduced to students and teachers. This mascot is an icon for the solid waste management program for the DENR and is worth stanning for being an inspiration of the youth to advocate for an ecological solid waste management in the Cordillera.

Furthermore, Ms. Imelda D. Mendoza was a subject matter expert who presented about Solid Waste Management, Sanitary Landfills, and the role of youth in such relevant issue so that the students will learn to minimize solid waste at an early age until it will become a practice for them and passed on for the future generations.