Regional Director Ma. Victoria V. Abrera (face-to-face) attended the Presentation of the draft Implementing Rules and Regulation of the Extended Producers Responsibility or the Republic Act 11898 at Seda Hotel, Vertis North, Quezon City and the Chief of SWM Section, Engr Ricardo P. Dang-iw via Zoom platform on November 2-4, 2022. 

This law aims to institutionalize the extended producers’ responsibility requiring them to be environmentally-responsible through the lifecycle of a product especially post-consumer or end-of-life-stage. The gist of the national framework includes reduction of non-environment friendly products and product waste recovery aimed at effectively preventing waste from leaking to the environment. It also provides clear guidance to Obliged Enterprises (OE) on how they can run their EPR program in compliance to the target in the recovery of plastic product footprint which starts on December 31, 2023 at 20%.

Obliged enterprises are large enterprises that generate plastic packaging wastes with total assets (except land) which exceed the Medium Scale Enterprises under the MSME law (100 million). They will be asked to submit sworn plastic waste diversion certificate as an official document declaring their compliance to the target. In case when the OEs fail to meet the minimum requirement for waste diversions, they shall pay fines as dictated by the law. Incentive schemes are also considered subject to the rules of the appropriate offices/agencies. The next 3 months is important in rolling out nationwide IECs about this law. The draft of the IRR was presented by Atty Zoilo L. Andin, Jr.