Environmental Management Bureau CAR held its regular Water Quality Management Area (WQMA) Governing Board meeting to discuss the accomplishments and concerns in the management of the Lower and Upper Amburayan River on May 26, 2022 at the Orchard Hotel, Baguio City.

The meeting was presided over by the Environmental Monitoring and Enforcement Division Chief, Engr. Raul G. Cubangay. It was also attended by EMB R1 Regional Director Maria Dorica Naz-Hipe who has signified her full support in the attainment of better water quality of the Amburayan River.

            EMB CAR secretariat presented the laboratory results of parameters from the samples collected in Upper Amburayan. The result shows that most of the parameters consistently passed the water quality guidelines. However, fecal coliform content is still at a higher rate due to inappropriate management of human and animal wastes along the river.

For Lower Amburayan, all parameters passed the water quality guidelines based from the laboratory results presented by Mr. Jayson Paolo E. Resultay of EMB Region 1. He mentioned that weather impacts the natural purification of the river.

Other matters that were tackled were the accomplishments of LGUs, orchestrated clean-up drive in Upper Amburayan, celebration of Upper Amburayan day, and other upcoming events.

Amburayan River System – WQMA encompasses the provinces of Benguet, La Union, and Ilocus Sur. Hence, a shared collaboration of EMB Region 1 and CAR is sustained to achieve innovative water quality management of the said river.

“What happens upstream impacts the conditions downstream” -Engr. Raul G. Cubangay