Provincial Environmental Management Office – Abra in coordination with ESWM and LGU Relations Section conducted a two-day writeshop and finalization of the Provincial 10-Year ESWM Plan of Abra on October 14-15, 2021. Ms. Joyce Ann A. Mangsat, Supervising EMS of the Provincial Environmental Management Unit (PEMU) – Abra representing EMB-CAR Regional Director Ma. Victoria V. Abrera, emphasized that the formulation of a provincial plan is a valuable tool for the province in the decision-making process affecting the solid waste management of its municipalities. It is a crucial instrument to evaluate the current solid waste management practices, assess the alternatives available for future solid waste management, and to set forth the implementation steps for a ten-year planning period along with establishing projections of reduction in waste disposal over the ten-year plan. The major goal of the plan is to reduce the amount of solid waste for disposal by preventing its generation and increase in reuse, recycling, composting, and other organic materials recycling methods.

Mr. Chris Albolote, Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Officer (ENRO) pleads with the Municipal ENROs to take responsibility and cooperate during the planning period to develop a complete and resourceful Provincial Plan that is detailed, concrete, and realistic as possible to ensure its continuity and to be able to comply with the guidelines set by the National Solid Waste Management Commission.

PEMU-Abra is tasked to assist the local government unit in the formulation of Ten-Year ESWM Plans. The 27 municipalities, however, have their own respective Ten-Year ESWM Plans approved on various dates since 2018 until December 2019. The assistance provided to these 27 municipalities was part of the mandate for municipalities, but is also key elements in the formulation of the provincial plan to ensure that all concerns have been documented for inclusion in the provincial plan. Despite the challenges brought by this global pandemic and the recent typhoon Maring, the fifty-five (55) participants actively engaged in the said event. //IDM